Driving innovation and technology within the Nordic public and healthcare sector.

We support the future of welfare by combining our passion for improving society with deep sector and technology insights. Through our human centric approach, we help public and healthcare organizations bring cutting-edge technology-driven solutions to life.

Our mission

We are passionate about contributing to improve our society, and we bring valuable digitization to life with the most talented people.

Our specialized services

Innovation & Pioneering

We collaborate with regions and universities to focus on patients with multiple illnesses and investigate ways of monitoring their health through AI, wearables and other cutting-edge technology. Moreover, we help talented entrepreneurs commercialize their ideas and thus support the development of new and innovative healthcare technology.

Healthcare Informatics

We assist in implementation of standards within the healthcare area such as SNOMED CT. By increasing awareness around the value of standardized healthcare informatics and training end users in effective use hereof we improve the security of patient data and enable more data driven healthcare operation and research.

Social Care Digitization

We drive digitization within the welfare area both publicly and privately to relieve administrative work and free resources for tasks directed towards the citizen. Due to unpredictability of supply and demand within social care, domain knowledge is crucial to identify, govern and mobilise data for reimplementation of processes.

Data in practice

We are a preferred implementation and digitization partner on data-driven initiatives to improve public and healthcare operation both internally and towards the citizen. We advise on areas such as PowerBI, Data warehousing, Data governance and data strategy. Moreover, our Microsoft partnership strengthen our ability to scale our solutions as needed.

How can we help?

For any questions regarding our services or how we can help, please reach out to Jan Kold at +45 2849 4022 or kold@venzo.com.